This page contains a table of contents listing just about everything concerning my
Subaru Powered Vanagon.

Hobert Kennedy of KEP (Kennedy Engineered Products) researched the reasons
for putting a Subaru Legacy 2.2 engine in a Vanagon.
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My two year search for the right vehicle.
I wanted a Vanagon camper with a tired engine.
The search finally came to an end unexpectedly this summer, 1999,
when my partner Lolli found the "perfect" bus.
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Next came the search for a Subaru Legacy 2.2 engine.
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Wiring hell
Computer, injectors, throttle positioner, cam angle sensor, knock sensor...
It's a whole new world.
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Engine Swap
Out with the old.
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Engine Swap part 2
In with the new.
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On the road again
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Life goes on
Expanding world.
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Additions to Vanaru
14,530 trouble free miles so....
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E-mail questions
and answers.
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Eddie bites the bullet
Our traveling companions decide to go for it.
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Vanagon Get Together 2000
Phaedra gathers the troops
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My new oil pan.
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Where it all started
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May 2001
Tranny and clutch time
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August 2001
Engine Breakdown.
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September 2001
On the road again.
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February 2008
Time for Maintenance
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