July 18, 1999

The Citroen has arrived!

Several months ago our traveling partner Stefan went to Switzerland to prepare and ship his 1967
Citroen H model camper to the United States. He has owned this vehicle 24 years.

In Switzerland
the Citroen is being loaded onto a transporter for the trip to the docks in Germany.

A month later the Citroen arrived at the docks in Los Angles, cleared customs,
and is ready for it's trip to Northern California.

Soon it is officially welcomed by the Highway Patrol for going too slow on the freeway!
Maybe he just wanted a closer look.

Once clear of the L.A. Basin freeway system the Citroen takes to the "Blue Highways"
for a more leisurely, enjoyable, trip north.

With a toy model of the Citroen on the dashboard of her Toyota, Iren follows Stefan
and the Citroen during it's trip from L. A. to Fort Bragg.

The following day the Citroen joins the morning commute over the Golden Gate
and Bay Bridge. No trouble keeping up with that crowd!

The triumphant arrival.

Fort Bragg!

Now, it is here!

Ed, on the left and Stefan, on the right, hold up fresh lemons to officially welcome the
Citroen "Lemon" to our fine stable of camping vehicles!

The suicide doors are a nice touch! Iren points out some of the camping features,

What do we have here?

A phone? No! Iren is demonstrating how you can talk to yourself
using the outside shower nozzle!!

Interior details.

Here is the command center.

The cooking center.

The sink.

The cup holder and art.

The outhouse.


Here is the new line-up.

Leading the pack my, new to me, "Cafe Latte". Then, the "Zitron Lemon",
followed closely by Ed and Suzanne's "Sage Fox".

One of these soon weekends we are going to head out and circle the vans.

"Trouble Free" camping will never be the same!!

Stay tuned.

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