McGee Trip
Part 3


September 3, 2008

Oh Mamma!  28 degrees when we wake in the morning!!  Frost on the sleeping bags!  I am so glad I borrowed a down jacket from my friend Roger!

Time for Breakfast and Tea!
Chores have settled into me doing breakfast.  Pete, lunch (snacks) and Dave is the evening cook.

Breakfast over, packs packed.  Time to take on McGee Pass!

And in only a couple of hours we are standing on top!!  But I must admit the last seven switchback about broke my heart!  My biggest trouble was mental.  I kept thinking "we must be almost to the top" and then another switchback would appear.  And then another!  I finally realized it was best not to look up to where we were heading.  Much better to look down and concentrate on taking just the next step!!  As I told Pete and Dave, "If I look up at the pass I think, 'Oh No!" but if I look down at my feet and think, 'Yes, Yes, Yes" with each step, by golly, I can do it!!

As we were resting at the top of the pass a pack string came up and over the pass.  We think they were going in to pack out a crew that had been working on various trails for two months.

McGee Pass behind us it is now down, down, down.  Into the Fish Creek area towards Tully Lake.

Deciding to take it easy we divert off the trail in search of our campsite for the night.

At least..., Good Enough!



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