Fall Haul 2006
Part 3


In the morning I hiked up Sourdough Canyon and found the caretaker's cabin now referred to as "The Castle".


Left photo 2006.  Right photo 1981.  At least the steps are the same.

Here is a 1981 photo of the caretaker who Rocky called "Stickhead" because the guy was making costumes out of fabric, leather, wire and sticks.

Some of the abandoned equipment near "The Castle".

Behind the "Hilton", on the other side of the wash, is "The Overflow Cabin".  Iris growing in the foreground.

In the evening I noticed Chipmunks climbing flower stocks to eat the seeds.

Speaking of critters.  Every evening, as I fell asleep in the cabin, I would hear the packrat bumping and knocking around.  I discovered his stash of winter food when I opened the oven door.  Or maybe I'm wrong and this is the stash of mice.  It is hard to believe a packrat could get in there through the oven vent.

October 26th, I start heading down Surprise Canyon at 6:15AM.

It takes two hours to make it half way down.

And then, back into the brush.

I took a little side trip to visit Limekilm Springs where there was a moss and fern grotto with water streaming down through it.


Finally I am at the top of the falls.  When I get down them I turned for one last look.

I can't believe it.  This old fart actually made it!

Assessing the damage.  Note the missing watch from the watch band!


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